Mr. Christie’s Bakery in Etobicoke set to close sadly

Excerpts from the Toronto Star article.

Mr. Christie’s Bakery in Etobicoke set to close next year, throwing 550 out of work, after decades of operation in Toronto’s west end, as condo development surrounds it.

Councillor Peter Milczyn, chair of the city’s planning and growth management committee, said it’s his priority to ensure the land remains zoned for employment to retain jobs.
“It’s such a huge loss of jobs all in one swoop,” he said. “It has huge implications for the city in terms of jobs and protecting lands for employment.”

Councillor Mark Grimes, whose Etobicoke-Lakeshore ward is home to the factory, also expressed concern over job loss Thursday.
“I was deeply disappointed upon hearing this sad news,” Grimes said in a release. “While this comes as a deep loss to the community, I am committed to doing whatever it takes to keep high-quality jobs and high-quality employers in the South Etobicoke community.”

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Not surprisingly, the company already has a plan that includes 27 condo towers. I do hope that they don't get the zoning changes they want.

This development should be denied. Alternatively, assess $1M per condo building for transit improvement to serve this enormous congestion.

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