The new forest on Old Weston Rd. Lets keep it as long as we can.

The lot as it sits currently sits


Nature does not do a weak-kneed stagger as she tries to reclaim ground for plants, bugs, water, animals, and even humans. This powerful growth of plants and animal life is very evident at the old Nina Ricci jewellery factory on Old Weston Road. It’s location at the intersection of Old Weston Rd. and Junction Rd is filled with small ground-cover plants and trees that have grown to over 6 feet in just over a year.

It’s wonderful to walk by right now, but, and it’s a big but, the city has bylaw regarding empty lots becoming that become overgrown. This growth could lead to an order publishable by file for the developer if people complain and an order is given.

This blog, for its simple opinion, would like to see the lot continue to be the natural oasis that it has become, and remain so until the commercial development that is planned for he site gets underway.

The site is in Carleton Village, Ward 17. The Councillor of the ward is Cesar Palacio.

If you are a supporter of natural life – rather than a mowed down empty lot please write him about keeping the vegetation in place until the development proceeds.

A sample…

The site in July 21st of 2012


While I'm in favour of vegetation over concrete, the overgrowth on that site is made up of mostly invasive, non-native plants that actually create more problems than good.
The large pools of still, festering water created by the trenches made from tires of demolition equipment have become a breeding for mosquitoes. Garbage thrown over the fence encourages rodents.
The owner of that land is not a good neighbour. If a homeowner conducted themselves in the same manner the city would be issuing a clean up order.
Cesar Palacios should be paying closer attention.

large pools of still, festering water created by the trenches, did not see those, they should be filled in, and it would be easy as the material is on site.

Any thoughts on the development proposed?

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