Groups wants to retain old Police Station for Community


We are a group of residents, organizations and businesses in the Junction who are interested in converting the old Division 11 building on Mavety and Dundas West into a community centre. We have provisionally named this the Junction Commons Project.

The Junction is a diverse neighbourhood that has undergone many changes in the last 5-10 years due to gentrification. Many feel that the neighbourhood needs a space to engage in community building and that grounds the community in the face of the increase of commercialization that comes with gentrification.

We envision a space that will provide for:

– progressive organizations that are working in the Junction

– local start- ups in need of mentoring support and capital

– community groups to meet

– drop in for group activities for elders, youth and those who want to socialize in community

– a community kitchen and farmers market

– harm reduction programs

– small but permanent office space for Junction residents/ward 13 constituents and their councillor to meet

– art production and a gallery for display – performance space

-and much more….

We hope to realize this project through multiple forms of funding sources:

– ongoing rental to community groups with funding

– alternative investment strategies such as community bonds

– accessing Foundation grants

– accessing section 37 funds from Ward 13

– Provincial Government and City support

Small investment by the community into redevelopment could bring large social and economical return on investment.

We are planning to address Toronto City Council meeting of the Real Estate Committee on November 15th to ask for a moratorium on the planned sale of Division 11 decommissioned police station at 209 Mavety Street property pending a full proposal from our group.

We are having our first community wide meeting on November 21, 2012 at SMASH (2880 Dundas St West) at 7:30pm (kids welcome). Where we will report back from the City Hall meet and discuss a strategy going forward.


● Sign on to this letter which we will take to the City Hall meeting. (Sign on by emailing your support of this project to

● or even better submit your own written comments. They don’t have to be long but they have to show a serious community interest in this building.

● Spread the word by sending this letter to friends and neighbours in the Junction.

● Let us know if you can attend the meeting at the City on November 15th and if you can speak To find out more about the process please check:

● Show up to November 21 meeting.

Hope to see you there!

Check for updates at:, join Strobusphere on facebook.

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