WEST TORONTO JUNCTION. The people and the place 1888-9.

 WEST TORONTO JUNCTION. The people and the place 1888-9. OG source
post office and suburb of Toronto
at the junction of the Ontario and Quebec Railway and the CV lines Canadian Pacific Railway in York Township York Co,
4 miles north-west of Toronto,the county seat and nearest banking point.
It contains Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal and Presbyterian churches and a public school,
and has wire-mat and show case factories and other industries.
The CPR ry [Canadian Pacific Railway] yards are located here and give employment to a large number of persons.
A weekly newspaper, the York Tribune, is published.
Population, 2000.
Telegraph, GNW and CPR. Telephone connection.
Express, Dominion and Vickers’. Mail daily.


[Noted Persons]

1. J S Kirkwood, postmaster.
2. Armstrong R, drygoods.
3. Baker Henry, furniture.
4. Becker Wm, grocer.
5. Blea D, hotel.
6. Brown J C, waggonmaker.
7. Bruce John B, drygoods.
8. Burgess Robert, restaurant.
9. Canada Wire Mattress Co, (M J Murphy,| Charles A Hart).
10. Causey A, grocer.
11. Christie Edward, builder.
12. Clendenan Daniel W, barrister.
13. Clendenan GW, physician.
14. Cordingly J B, general agent.
15. Cotts John, coal and wood.
16. D’Eye H F, grocer.
17. Dominion Show Case Co (George P Wagner, Carl Zeidler and D C Wagner), office furniture and store fittings.
18. Evans John M, flour and feed.
19. Fisher Edward J T, physician.
20. Fisher James A, boots and shoes.
21. Gilmore John T, physician.
22. Gord George, commission merchant.
23. Green Josiah, druggist.
24. Greenwood William, real estate.
25. Hickey James, grocer.
26. Hickey Patrick, general agent.
27. Hickey Mrs Susan, provisions.
28. Hollingshead & McDonald (Wm H Hollingshead, Alexander McDonald), livery.
29. Hollingsicle Wm H, livery.
30. Hoover & Jackson (Jacob H Hoover, James T Jackson), real estate.
31. Hope John, harnessmaker.
32. James Wm, butcher.
33. Johnson Wm, grocer.
34. Joy Robert B, barber.
35. Kirkwood John S, groceries and provisions.
36. Lapp David, builder.
37. Leigh Robert J, books and toys.
38. Lewis H, butcher .
39. Lewis Wm J , poultry dealer.
40. McCormack & Jackson, coal and wood.
41. McFarlane Allan, drygoods.
42. Macuabb & Fowler (Alexander Macnabb) [issue with source image with second name]
43. Madden F, butcher.
44. Mahoney Mrs, confectionery.
45. Mitchell & Rose, dressmakers.
46. MoHlat Mrs M, dressmaker.
47. Parkdale Lumber Mnfg and Building Co (Ltd), James Stewart pres, Georg SinClair sec-treas.
48. Parry Joseph A, blacksmith.
49. Patterson Mrs T, dressmaker.
50. Peaks Thomas J L & Co (Thomas J L and Edwin W Peake), hardware.
51. Pipher Abraham B, builder.
52. Reading Arthur J, artist.
53. Robinson George, baker.
54. Rosebush Wm, grocer.
55. Rowntree John, butcher.
56. Scott Donald, tailor.
57. Shaw Joseph I, milk dealer.
58. Simmonds Henry, poultry dealer.
59. Sinclair Christopher, hotel.
60. Spears John D, builder.
61. Stewart John, sash mfr.
62. Temperance & General Life Assurance Co, J T Jackson agent. (See
63. Veitch John, provisions.
64. Wagner F W & Co (Frederick W and Jacob
65. P Wagner), planing mill.
66. West I & Co (Isaac West), fruits.
67. West J, provisions.
68. Williams Fdward H, land agent.
69. Wilson Charles, butcher.
70. Wilson Wm, real estate.
71. Wonnacott Albert, dairyman.
72. Wylie Wm J, druggist.Junction

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