Gord Perks statement on the Doug Ford reduction in council size to 25.


Full text below, source: Gord Perks  City Councillor, Ward 14 newsletter July 31st 2018, last of the current term.

We don’t have a government “side” and an opposition “side”. Most council chambers are circular to symbolize the fact that all members are part of the government. We also do not have an executive (cabinet) function.The Mayor has some limited powers (e.g. appointing committee chairs) but most of those are granted by Council and can be taken away by Council.

We used this power to reign in Rob Ford when his behaviour was spiral ling out of control.t.

Also, the Mayor losing a vote is not the same thing as the government losing a vote. On Thursday the Mayor supported giving away over $300 million in future tax revenue to a few developers. He lost, BUT THE GOVERNMENT DIDN’T fall.

In legislatures there is a sharp line between passing laws and administering them. The same line is drawn between budgeting for services and and delivering them. There are good reasons for drawing this line which I won’t get into.

In a Council the line is not that sharp. In the broadest sense we are responsible for all actions of the City. 

In most cases we have voted to delegate those powers to staff, in a few cases we delegate to local councillors.[/su_pull quote


this is part one, part two will follow.

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