3052 Dundas St. to get ceramics studio, for a while.

 As the Junction once again is possibly getting a public access ceramic studio, there once was one at the Bunners location for a long while, for the period between 1970 and now saw many such retail craft businesses open up and close along the the Dundas Retail strip.
The store which had 2,132 SF of usable space is planned to offer opportunities  for other craft teaching activities also.
I hope the enterprise works for both the people running it and even more so for the community, however it it likely not too. 
Craft persons in Toronto have historically opened retail venues in Toronto to simply have a studio to work in that is hopefully subsidized by income from teaching short courses. And some sales of works from the the retail firm of the store. 
This does not work, and has been proven many this times over in our city. That is why Artscape buildings are funded all over the city. It is also why governments spend millions every few decades to build large subsidized buildings to provide places for artist/craft persons to work. 
Cooperative ownership, which can be safety thought the matter of which this enterprise is comprised as historically such ventures have been started in Toronto, has the me length of time success. 
I am sure even the persons opening this shop, and hoping shared expenses will relieve problems of craft making in this city will agree craft creation in Ontario is not financially viable at the present time.
Craft persons lucky or with good spreadable elbows, those last three words are directly for the the persons opening the store, which they will understand, gain residency though artscape, Harbourfront, or the Living Arts Centre in the GTA. Many simply operate from their home, actually most due, except glass workers.
However success is possible but only with tremendous community support, in taking of classes, and purchasing of objects made by the propreitors. Also some city BIAs have regonized the importance of creative object businesses of attacting out of community shoppers, who often frequent other businesses in the area such as resturauts etc. However this has only worked when the local business improvement area association, has invested in special programs to have this happen.

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