2306 St. Clair Avenue West, New York Pork condos


text from this blog from years back about the site.
From the city docs,

This application proposes to amend former City of Toronto Zoning By-law No. 438-86 to permit the construction of a 10-storey (30.3 metre, not including a 5 metre mechanical penthouse) mixed used building on a vacant site, formerly occupied by New York Pork, at 2306 St. Clair Avenue West. A total of 235 residential units are proposed with 384 m2 of commercial space. Vehicular access is proposed from the public laneway to the north to the below grade parking. The tallest portion of the building would be located at the approximate centre of the site and the building would step down to four storeys to the north, adjacent to the public laneway, four storeys to the south adjacent to St. Clair Avenue West, and four and three storeys to the east adjacent to Symes Road. The proposed building would front both St. Clair Avenue West and Symes Road.

The site is located at the northwest corner of St. Clair Avenue West and Symes Road, which is between Keele Street/Weston Road and Runnymede Road. The site is flat and irregularly-shaped, due to a curvilinear western boundary. The site was previously occupied by New York Pork, a meat processing plant, which ceased operations in 2006 due to a fire. The building damaged by the fire was demolished in 2010 and the site has been vacant since. The site has a frontage of approximately 33 m on St. Clair Avenue West and 82 m on Symes Road and a total area of approximately 4,754 m2.
North: To the north is a public laneway that provides access to garages for the two-storey semi-detached dwellings on the north side of the public laneway. These two storey semi-detached dwellings were constructed as part of the large residential subdivision to the east of the subject site. There is also a large noise wall that separates the subject site from the public laneway.
South: To the south are one to two-storey commercial buildings fronting the south side of St. Clair Avenue West, primarily occupied by automobile-related uses.
East: To the east is a large residential subdivision that runs from Symes Road to Gunns Road and is comprised of two-storey semi-detached dwellings and a public park.
West: To the west is a large automobile dealership (Ken Shaw Lexus Toyota). To the west of the automobile dealership is a co-operative housing development known as La Paz and beyond this are single and semi-detached residential dwellings, some of which front St. Clair Avenue West.

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