Toronto Water seeks to open Customer Care Centre at 275 Merton Street

Toronto Water is providing a newly organized Customer Care Centre at 275 Merton Street (approx. 23,00sf) in a dedicated, 2 storey, City of Toronto Facility. In order to accommodate the new Customer Care Center on the first floor, staff that are currently there will be re located to the second floor.

The majority of the construction will take place on the first floor. This will include, but not limited to, demolishing office fronts, relocating existing vertical power and communications chases, relocating existing lighting, retro-fitting pot lights, installing new feature lighting, providing a new light box, providing additional power and data, and connecting noted power to the proposed back-up generator. New audio visual solutions will be provided for the large meeting rooms and additional screens in the new Customer Care Centre. All audio visual equipment will be supplied and installed by a separate contractor. Necessary rough-in and infrastructure will be provided by the general contractor.

The construction is to be phased in accordance to the furniture reconfiguration phases. A furniture designer will be responsible for reconfiguring the existing furniture. They will breakdown existing workstations and rebuild them into the proposed layouts. The new furniture (consisting of new 120° stations, new meeting room furniture and new collaboration furniture) will be provided by a separate furniture vendor. The new furniture will be brought in phases which will coordinate with the furniture reconfiguration schedule. The general contractor is to coordinate with both furniture vendors and ensure the necessary construction and electrical work is completed to meet the furniture install needs.

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