what Junction new culture buildings? None.

While the Junction is within Ward 4 – formally Ward 13 as of Sept. 19th, the ward with the most parks and nature space in the city, it lacks cultural centers that many other communities have.
Swansea has the Swansea Town Hall Community Centre for example, the Junction has no such place for community gatherings. This lack of a community center probably contributes to the short life of so many community actions and groups, such as the inactive Junction Residents Assoc.
This post is here to point out that while the Junction suffers other areas are receiving massive investment by the city.
what is the center?

The Clark Centre for the Arts will open in 2020 with art studios and creative programs for Toronto residents and visitors to explore and enjoy the arts. Guild Park and Gardens is
a unique 88 acre site on the Scarborough Bluffs that includes forests, shoreline and a collection of architectural fragments, sculptures and buildings. As part of revitalization efforts, the City of Toronto is developing a multipurpose facility (pictured
above) that will house art studios and arts programming. Through extensive community consultation, City of Toronto staff and the architectural team of Taylor Hazell Architects have collected feedback to help inform and shape the schematic design of the future arts facility at Guild Park and Gardens.

 what the city is asking for bids on now in September 2108,
Clark Centre for the Arts Addition and Renovation to Building 191 at Guild Park and Gardens, 191/201 Guildwood Parkway.
The scope of work shall include but not be limited to the following:
• Renovations include creating 2 new studio spaces on the existing ground and second floors to include a new main stair and elevator, universal and public washrooms, general purpose room, office and reception area, new exit stair to the 2nd floor and associated circulation gallery and amenities.
• Renovations include insulating the existing exterior walls and cleaning repairing/ restoring the existing exterior walls.
• Abatement of asbestos containing textured coatings and door and window caulking.
• Demolition of major building components is required to accommodate the proposed changes.
• The addition includes a new 2 story high lobby and vestibule. The addition also includes a 315 s.m. third floor structure skewed above the existing building while extending over the lobby on steel columns. The third floor includes 2 studio spaces a shared wet room, washrooms and associated circulation and amenities.
• Exterior finishes – traditional stucco clad addition and cleaning of existing stucco
• Interior finishes – Polished Concrete, Carpet, Resilient Sheet flooring, Gypsum Board, Ceramic Tile, Acoustic Ceiling panels etc.
Landscape Work:
• Development of vehicle and pedestrian access and parking from the existing parking lot to the Clark Centre for the Arts
• Development of the area around the building including hard and soft landscaping
• Tree removals and Tree protection with Arborist oversight. Native tree, shrub and ground cover planting.
• Various hard paving surfaces both permeable and non-permeable.
• Drop off and service zones, barrier free ramps, curbs, bike stands and bollards
• Amenities including lighting, park furniture, wayfinding, and recycling.
• Installation of green roof on lower roof.
Civil Work:
• The Building has new domestic water service (to be relocated), new sanitary service (to be connected). New hydro service to be provided. Relocation of gas service to be ordered.
• Installation of a fire main and fire hydrant
• Surface Drainage in the loop road
• Storm Water Management: surface drainage to maintain percentage of permeable and non-permeable surfaces
• Erosion and Sediment Control
Structural Work:
• The 3rd floor addition is structurally independent from the original building. The new floor and roof will stand on a series of steel columns. The new block stairways and elevator shaft will also take some of the load. Along with the north wall they will also act as bracing.
• The ground floor slab will be replaced.
• Existing steel web joists at the 2nd floor and roof will be demolished where the new shafts penetrate the existing construction and will be replaced by new ones.
Mechanical Work:
• New domestic and sanitary system
• The whole building sprinkler system
• HVAC, 3 gas fired packaged roof-top units, Make up Air unit, Exhaust Fans
• Exposed spiral ductwork
Electrical Work:
• New exterior transformer with disconnect
• New electrical supply to all equipment and lights in the building
• New fire alarm system, elevator, telecommunications system, security system and emergency power.

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