CPR West Toronto Shops.


Crane for Mounting Axles in Lathe at West Toronto Shops. Canadian Pacific Railway.

The accompanying illustration shows a handy air crane used in the C.P.R. West Toronto passenger car shops—^H. R. Naylor. General Foreman—for lifting axles into the axle lathe for turning. Back of the lathe, against the shop wall, there is attached a jib crane, which has a clear swing over the lathe on the pipe support. On the horizontal arm of the jib there is a two wheel traveller, to the under side of which is attached horizontally an air cylinder. On the under side of the cylinder there are mounted, in bearings, two chain wheels, over which pass hoisting chains, the upper ends attached to a piston rod crosshead The outward movement of the piston rod. controlled from an air valve adjoining the chain wheels, raises the axle hook on the lower end of the chain, lifting the axle. The axle hook is of the type described some months ago in Canadian Railway and Marine World, as originating in the C.P.R. Angus shops.



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