start no later than: April 1, 2019, Final Completion: September 16, 2019 all bids due Nov 9th 2018

For: Humber Bay Shores Park Trail Improvement Project, Phase 2

Scope of Work for this project includes, but is not limited to the following:

1. Site protection and multi-use trail traffic control detour signage, tree protection, sediment


2. Removal of trees, asphalt paving, interlock paving, concrete edges, etc.; removal,

storage & protection of site furnishings, various park signs, post and rail fences, rock

stones, etc. for reuse.

3. Construction of a wider multi-use trail including asphalt, concrete and interlock paving; granular paving, concrete curbs, tactile warning plates; re-installation of removed & stored items, painted lines and markings, sod restoration, asphalt restoration in parking lot staging area, localized grading and drainage improvements including catch basins, manhole & drain pipes, retaining rocks, dry-laid natural stone walls, tree and shrub planting, shade structures, and site restoration, etc.



Please refer to the  Request for Tender (RFT) document in your possession and be advised of the following:


1.1 Update to Section 4 Scope of Work

Project area is available to start constructions: April 1, 2019

 Construction to start no later than: April 1, 2019  Substantial Completion must be complete by: July 31, 2019  Final Completion: September 16, 2019

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