Lacquer Bake Oven at Canadian Pacific Railway West Toronto Car Shops.

Lacquer Bake Oven at Canadian Pacific

Railway West Toronto Car Shops.

In the passenger car department of the C.P.R. West Toronto Shops, H. R. Naylor, General Foreman, it was necessary recently to build a new lacquer bake oven. As it

was required to have the oven of such size as to be able to accommodate all sizes of work, the problem was how to build it to handle all classes of work economically, especially when the major portion of the work is small stuff, requiring small oven space. Consideration had to be given to the best si?e that would handle all classes of work. The largest piece that will require to be handled is the long parcel rack over the car seat. These form a very small portion of the total work to be handled. The oven shown in the accompanying illustration 13 the solution of the problem. On the right is the main oven, lined with galvanized iron, and heated with steam coils in the bottom. The work to he baked is carried on shelves made of smoke box netting. The door is of the vertically sliding type, coun-terbalanced by weights. For the general run of articles, this small, almost square, oven meets all requirements. To have made it long enough to hold the racks men-tioned would have given a greater length than that normally required. To accommo-date these long racks, a vertical oven sec-tion was built on the left end of the oven as shown, with a swing door in front. This section has no heating coil, but between the main oven and this part there are two sliding doors, which are removed when the long oven is required. This gives a com-bined oven capable of holding all class’19 of work, and, at the same time requires very little room.

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