Valley of the Don, 1889 text

Valley of the Don. He referred particularly to a creek he passed almost every day, called 2nd or 3rd creek or Cemetery Creek. Of this creek he proceeded to show the process of erosion. From Bloor Street all the drainage runs north, the creek was on an average, 5o feet below the level of Bloor Street. It was about 2 and one half miles long, and 300 feet wide.

He had taken out one-eighth of an inch of sediment when dried from a gallon of water. During Fifteen days, this creek Hows down at the rate of four miles an hour, and every gallon of water carries down ‘Ye of a solid inch of sediment. Calculating from these elements, it would take 7o,ooo years to carry down the contents of the valley.


This would be the age of the valley of the Don. He had observed several of these Don creeks and concluded that the average erosion of the valley was about the same as it is now. He thought there was no difference in the erosion of a creek where there were trees and of one where there were no trees. All things. considered he thought the erosion was the same now as when there was a primeval forest.

The President thought that on some days there might be fitlty times the volume of water carried down that Mr. Harvey had mentioned. It would then remove a considerable portion of the bank. This would shorten the time considerably. He had known at one flood, in the course .of a few days eight inches of sand deposited over several acres of the Don Valley.

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