Christie Pits Skateboard Park Fundraiser
Christie Pits skateboard park is ready to kick off our second season and needs your support!
This DIY community project in one of Toronto’s best downtown parks, is run and built by awesome volunteers who love skateboarding. So your donations really help out to keep the park safe, maintained, and running smoothly. 
We welcome everyone; young and old, beginner to advanced skaters, ladies, guys, and everyone in between!
Part of being a community based park is our priority to be inclusive and spreading knowledge, so our build days and workshops (like our recent curb pouring workshop) are open to everyone who wants to learn more about creating safe fun obstacles. 
Also hosting events geared specifically towards women or kids/families is part of our local programming. 
The park is fully funded by donations, and the money raised will go towards:
– screws, paint, tools, concrete, brooms, squeegees
– lumber
– gator skins, skatelite, etc
– steel (base plates, angle iron, steel piping, etc)
– community celebrations (BBQs)
We welcome all questions and comments, and thank everyone for the time, energy and effort to make this happen. 
Thanks for all your help. 
Feel free to share this with your friends.
Cant wait to see what else we can build!

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