Don River 30 inch gas pipeline replacement, west of Don river.



The Don River 30 Inch Natural Gas Pipeline Replacement Project (“the Project”) will include the replacement and abandonment of a segment of Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) 30 (inch) vital natural gas main.

Project Need

The segment of the pipeline that will be replaced is located on a bridge owned by Enbridge, the proposed pipeline will be located within the right-of-way of previously disturbed municipal roads and entirely below ground eliminating the risk associated with the above ground crossing.

Environmental Study

Identify potential impacts of the construction and operation of the proposed natural gas Don River Replacement pipeline on environmental, socio-economic and archaeological features; • Identify an environmentally acceptable route for the Don River Replacement pipeline; • Undertake consultation to understand the views of interested and potentially affected parties; • Assess the potential cumulative effects of the project in conjunction with other projects that are planned for the area; • Develop mitigation and protective measures to avoid or minimize impacts; and • Develop appropriate inspection, monitoring and follow-up programs for the project, to ensure the success of mitigation and protective measures.

The OEB regulates the natural gas industry in Ontario in the public’s interest. Under Section 90 of the Ontario Energy Board Act, the OEB’s review and approval are required before the project can
The high-grade steel pipeline is designed to meet and/or exceed the regulations of the Canadian Standards Association (Z662 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems) and the applicable regulations of the Technical Standards & Safety Association (TSSA

Hydrostatic Testing The new pipeline would be hydrostatically tested.

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