Demand Keen in West Toronto For Jitneys, until they ran out of licences.


Ran out of Licences licenses for running Jitneys.


Demand Keen in West Toronto, No Trouble in moving People.

West Toronto, June 28. 1920 Apart from the fact that they were charged more for their rides, the people in West Toronto who did not walk had no dlttlculty in securing transportation to the downtown districts. Most of the city firms sent conveyances to pick up their work people  Dundas and Keele streets literally swarmed with every conceivable kind of “jitneys.” The 70 or 80 regular jitney drivers started business an hour earlier than usual, and In addi-tlon tola large number of special licenses which had been issued at the Hall, 100 licenses were issued at Keele street police station before eight o’clock,and when the supply had run out. private owners of autos were still asking for more Most of .the motor truck drivers Keefe the City Hall are charging per mile. Others. from Royce avenue and Lansdowne,” are oalllng for a fare: and many trucks were filled to eapaclty during the rush hours by workpeople traveling from College and Dovercourt for a 10c fare. Inspector Duncan made excel-lent police arrangements at the “busy corners.” The early morning for West Toronto on the were well natronlzed. The memorial service held at the Salvation Citadel. Dovercourt road and Northumberland avenue. last night, was largely attended. During the service handsome tablet in memory of the 37 men belonging 10 in action, was unveiled by Captain Lambert. Lambton Lodge. Manchester Unity Independent Order of fellows met last night at the Moose Temple, Dundas street. Bro. A. E. Penfold was elected N.G., and Bro. S. Wodham Grand. Victoria Presbyterian Church congregational picnic fixed for tomorrow, has been postponed till the “Glorious Twelfth,” on account of the street car strike.


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The current kerfuffle confronting cabs and Uber in cities across Ontario is strikingly similar to a battle a century ago. That’s when jitneys arrived – private passenger cars offering rides to strangers for a fee, originally five cents. Like Uber, the arrival of jitneys confused and puzzled legislators, was praised by riders and provided a chance for car owners to earn some money. Also like Uber, there were concerns about safety, insurance coverage and the qualifications of drivers.

Jitneys disrupted the traditional passenger transportation system; it was not the taxi industry that was affected, but the privately owned municipal street railway system


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