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Enjoy Good
Health this
Easy Way
You can virtually eat your way to good
health-or you can “dig your grave with
your teeth” It depends on your food
Many modern foods cause constipation,
fermentation, putrefaction-with result-
ant ill-effects on your system. The safe
and sane way to gain and keep good
health is by proper food habits rather
than by “taking doses”.

Prove this by following the methods
eighty-year-young Robt. G. Jackson.
whose splendid health and vigor is the
result of wise eating. Yet he was a
physical wreck at fifty, actually at death’s
door. His discovery of Roman Meal,
the famous cereal food that has brought
health to thousands, saved his life and
enabled him to build up a superbly
vital body.


Roman Meal is not an ordinary cereal but a scientific combination of granulated
whole wheat and finely cut bran,
rice polishings from China and flax-o-lin
from Austria. No other cereal contains
all these ingredients. They are specially
combined in Roman Meal because no
one grain contains all the natural health
and resistance-building elements in cor-
rect proportions. That’s why Roman
Meal is unique-different from any other

Eat Roman Meal once a day. or oftener.
Drink Kofy-Sub, the deliciously refresh-
ing alkaline. iron-rich beverage at every
meal. Soon you will clear up the cause
of constipation and build clean, poison~
free blood in your system. Try this for
two weeks and youll be amazed at the

Manufactured on Vine Ave in West Toronto. Sweet Potato now occupies the building.

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