No flyers for you on Junction street posts for you

The Junction twitter feed Spotted in the Junction, link below, posted a photo on August 13 2020 of coverings going up on Junction Street and Hydro posts in the Junction. Spotted in the Junction supposes the coverings common in many areas that have BIA’s may be for stopping the community people in attaching posters for events put on by community groups and people for bake sales, street parties, yard sales and protests thingys. And he or some of the spotted may be right. Although this blog has no experience with the current Junction BIA board, sitting thought 100’s of hours of Junction BIA meetings and there associated organizations the flyers posted on local poles was a big issue for a long time, in the ten years before 2012 it was a hot issue, with certain BIA members ripping them down right after your regular Junction resident had stuck them to the pole. Two retailers were notorious for doing this.

Now the BIA may claim the Astral media contract (the company which supplies the street garbage containers and bus shelters too) with the city provided Grey billboards for flyer posting, and they do at very few locations less than 3 in the Junction Dundas strip.

However people need to post their community message widely and street posts serve this purpose, well no longer in the Junction.

New anti-flyer post coverings are being installed in the Junction.


A web page of a local Toronto manufacturer of this pole coverings.



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