Developers and condo development, is what they say about community correct, a insight article from Parkdale

The History of Extreme Intensification in Parkdale

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Developers always present their condo developments as supplying much needed intensification, to create affordability. Parkdale, however, is extremely intensified already. We already have very affordable apartments in the large houses and apartment buildings on almost all streets; and the most affordable housing is above the commercial buildings which are in danger of demolition to make way for new condos. Parkdale needs to retain its existing commercial strip. Our still intact heritage village will increasingly attract tourism to our businesses. Toronto City planners have made careful plans to make all of this work. I hope profit driven development corporations and LPAT “red tape” cutters are not permitted to undo that good work. We have too much homelessness already.

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Sign the petition, here, to stop the development at Brock and Queen. The developer wants to demolish a group of 2 and 3 story Italianate Heritage buildings and replace them with a 9 story modern condo building in the heart of the historic Parkdale Village.

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