Junction Signature Train Display Being auctioned off by local, Business improvement area association


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Visit the BIA’s  Facebook page on Wednesday, July 14 for a 24-hour Online Auction of one limited-edition Junction Signature Train Display, fully illuminated! Bids will start at $100. We will be accepting cash offers only, and the display must be picked up at the BIA office by July 31st, 2021. 

This is a one-of-a-kind handmade item with a current replacement value of $1,200. Item is in good working order.  Online Auction Terms & Conditions can be found HERE.


  • 45-in wide x 69-in high
  • 19 lbs (steel alloy)
  • Approximately 55-watt, plug-in design (i.e. it is not hard-wired)    

The minimum you may increase your bid is $1 and the maximum bid you may place is $10 higher than the previous bid. The asking price is the lowest we will accept so your first bid must start there.

For safety reasons, it is no longer possible for us to install our beloved train lights on the Toronto Hydro poles across Dundas – but we still want to see them in

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