Union Stock yards Co. Ltd. 1903 to 1993 90 years in the Junction.

The Union Stock yards Co. Ltd. was charted on December 29, 1900 and located in West Toronto, between the Canadian Pacific Railway shops, the meat packing houses and abattoir of Canada Packers and others. The Yards opened for business on August 29, 1903. The establishment of the Stock Yards was originated by a group interested in agriculture, headed up by J.D. Allan, president for a number of years, and Mr. Dods (both of Toronto). The company was organized for the purpose of establishing a modern stock yard accessible by all forms of transportation. Yards were equipped with every modern convenience, with pens and alleys paved and thoroughly drained throughout, with ample facilities for the feeding and sheltering of livestock, while also having hotel, office and banking accommodations nearby. In August of 1908 a major fire destroyed most of its buildings but the company was able to reorganize and rebuild the damaged buildings. In 1944, the Ontario Stock Yards Board was created by the Ontario Legislature with Mr. Frank Fletcher as general manager and a seven-member board of directors. The Stockyards continued to grow during the post-war period. It employed more then 4,000 people in the 1980s. At its peak, it was the largest facility in Canada for selling livestock and served many farm regions in Ontario. It closed its doors in 1993.

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