WISE DAUGHTERS CRAFT MARKET Jan 2009 – Mar 2014 photos of one the Junctions lost creative retailers.



WISE DAUGHTERS CRAFT MARKET was located on the west side of Quebec Ave at the rear of 3079b Dundas St W Toronto.

from the stores now gone website, At Wise Daughters Craft Market in the Junction, you’ll find handmade objects of desire by 75 local artisans. Visit often to see our ever-changing selection of home décor, jewellery, accessories, clothes, toys, and paper products. Wise Daughters offers old fashioned personal service –

Saturday, March 29th was the last day the shop is open for business. 2014

over its life the store,

  • providing a small but important income to about 100 different artists per year (over 5 years, close to $250,000 has gone to local handmakers and workshop instructors)
  • keeping money in the community by using only local businesses for everything from retail supplies to printing to window cleaning, and by advertising in local papers
  • maintaining a low carbon footprint; because all the products are made in Southern Ontario (the furthest they travel is from Essex or Kingston via Canada Post; most are delivered by the artists, often by TCC or bicycle)
  • giving back to the community by donating to innumerable local schools and charities, and offering free programming to families in the community several times a year
  • supporting social enterprises such as Epic Mart and Inspirations Studio, which give marginalized adults meaningful work

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