OBITUARY ANDREW MERRILEES the man who was Canada’s leading railway historian



42 years today, Andrew Merrilees, the founder of one of the great Junction Railroad companies, which until a few years ago sat at 189 Old Weston Rd died on this date, on December 3, 1979. who was  probably Canada’s leading railway historian.

He began 1946, Andrew Merrilees Ltd., a company which bought and sold used railway equipment.

Two of the companies reclamation projects the Hull Electric Railway (1947) and the 1949-1950 removal and marketing of the tracks  of the North Yonge Railways. The reporting marks on the companies freight cars were AAMX.


Merrilees Andrew Ltd 189 Old Weston Rd, Building now the most
Building has been demolished



Thank you for writing this up. I am the son of Andrew’s only child (Deborah) and we know very little about him due to family circumstances. If anyone knows anything more about him or how I can discover more about my grandfather please get in touch.

Hello, my name is June Oliver (Salmon) I was very young, 11 yrs. old when I
met your grandfather. My Dad, James Victor Salmon was a well known historian relating to Toronto and vicinity. His untimely passing in November 1958 left a generation looking for info regarding the railroad and old engines plus historical buildings in Toronto and much more. His collection was well over 10,000 photos, glass negatives and rare books. My Mom sold the entire collection to The Toronto Publuc Reference Library which I believe can be seen on line. I remember your grandfather coming to our home in Willowdale and he and my Dad spent many hours looking at old photos. He was mesmerized at this extensive collection which was known as The J V Salmon Collection. Since my Dad passed shortly after their visits, he never contacted my Mom regarding the pictures. My Mom published a book that Dad never was got to publish called Rails from the Junction and I recall pictures from your grandfather being in the book. I hope this little bit of history helps. This generation does not share tbe same interest that our forefathers did probably because everything has been torn down or paved over. Take care, June Oliver (Salmon)

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