Some of Toronto’s most ideal and iconic exterior building objects made in the Junction.



Fabricated in the Junction by Canadian Rogers Eastern Ltd. The long time factory at 108 Vine avenue before closing in 2012.

Architects: Chapuan and Hurst, Toronto

Six stainless steel-trimmed “mushrooms,” varying in
diameter from 15 to 30 feet and from 8-6 to 13-6
in height, form a colonnaded walk to the main en-
trance of this hospital.

The stainless steel column covers were brake formed in two halves and welded together. The welds were ground and polished to match the original finish. A large stainless steel flange caps cach column.


Note: These objects were created for the 2nd Riverdale Hospitial it was torn down in 2013 and they were reinstalled  in the new Bridgepoint Active Health Care Centre.


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