More, Photos of the long gone Research Centre, of Canada Packers Ltd., at 2211 St. Clair Ave. W.

Photos of the long gone Research Centre, of Canada Packers Ltd., at 2211 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M69 1K4.




Seemingly impossible to find are photos of the large refrigerators building about the size of two public school classrooms that sat next to this building, it was the last part of the research complex to be demolished.

Canada Packers Inc. to eliminate 950 jobs in Toronto

TORONTO — Canada Packers Inc. will eliminate 950 jobs in December when it closes antiquated slaughtering operations in Toronto, the country’s largest food producer announced Friday.President Val Stock told a news conference that 750 unionized and 200 salaried jobs would be lost when the hog and beef plants shut down.

However, he said Canada Packers was negotiating to purchase Gainers Hog Plant in Kitchener, Ont. The company recently purchased Tenderlean Beef Ltd. in Burlington, Ont.

‘No jobs will be transferred (to those operations) because the new plants are full,’ Stock said.

The giant complex is Toronto’s west end currently employs about 3,050 workers. Other operations — which include Maple Leaf processed meats, a research center, pet food operations, an antibiotics plant and a chemical plant — would not be affected by the closures.

The company has lost money on its Ontario beef operations for the past 12 years, Stock said, and it decided against building new plants because ‘interest rates have skyrocketed and the economic conditions of the beef business deteriorated.’

Stock said the cost of buying Gainers and Tenderlean would be ‘significantly lower than constructing two new plants’ for $46 million.

Attrition would lower the number of actual layoffs over the coming eight months, Stock said, but he declined to be more specific.

Fred Landy, executive vice president, said the layoffs would affect employees with up to eight years of seniority.

‘Our message to the industry is that the company either had to move its operations or get out of the fresh meat business in Ontario,’ Ladly said.

‘We are happy that, with these changes, we can continue to operate in the business which gave Canada Packers its beginnings.’



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