153 Weston Rd historical site gets new transmission structure to support Metrolinx


New  Transmission Structure Installation, 153 Weston Road

Hydro One will begin construction to install two new transmission structures on its existing right-of-way to raise the overhead line and ensure appropriate safety clearance with future Metrolinx infrastructure.

Start: Spring 2022 | Duration: until Summer 2022

This site has still stood on it the Toronto Suburban Railway Transformer Station, c.1894 pictured in photo, the yellow building.

To the  people who sent in questions about the work on the site and photos concerned about the Toronto Suburban Railway  Station it appears the transmission work is to the north of the building. Further the Gunns road extension to the south of the building appears to leave the building in tack. In 2021 the Toronto Preservation Board recommends building be added to the historic list.

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