THE GROWTH OF WEST TORONTO JUNCTION 1890 and today, the past visions of the Junction community.


In 1890 theWest Toronto Junction Property Owners’ Association. The Junction as we go to best place to live in this place to work and prosper in the city of Toronto area. They took special care and concern to highlight the Natural Beauty of the Residential Quarter as well the  economic opportunities in the Junction for all.

Below is the transcript from one of their advertisements seeking to build the junction and the track your businesses and people to live there.

Reading their it can  can wondered if the present community has the interest in the Community as existed in 1890.


The West Toronto Junction Property Owners’ Association.




Lying to the northwest of the city of Toronto, five miles from the corner of Yonge and King Streets. High Park lies on the southern limit of the town, shutting off the growth of Toronto on the southwest, and thus forcing all the western growth of that city into West Toronto Junction. The distance from Toronto is sufficiently great to make of West Toronto Junction a commercial centre, and thus business men have all the advantages of the rapid growth of a western city, within fifteen minutes’ run of Toronto.


The proximity to Toronto, the centre of commercial competition in Ontario; unrivalled shipping- facilities; the privileges granted by the corporation to factories Iocating in the town (see inside of cover); cheap factory sites ; cheap houses for employees; good fire protection.


3/ The Natural Beauty of the Residential Quarter

The greater part of the land south of the railway is subject to building restrictions. Houses of a certain class only can be erected. The land lying south of the station is intersected by numerous thickly-wooded ravines affording more beautiful sites for dwelling than can be found anywhere within the same distance of Toronto. The elevation is high, overlooking Lake Ontario; the soil is sandy, and absorbs all moisture rapidly. Residents have all the enjoyment of High Park at their doors, while the expense of maintaining it is borne by the city of Toronto.

Local Improvements

Two fine subways are in course of erection under the Canadian Pacific Railway on Keele Street and the Weston Road. These will afford perfect communication between the northern and southern portions of the town, and will open up a connection with some of the finest farming districts in Ontario. 27,500 feet of sidewalks have been laid down during[1]the past year. Block-paving has been laid on two of the principal streets. A comprehensive system of sewerage is about to be commenced, and will be completed during- the current year.  The waterworks, completed in August 1889, have been pronounced by the Secretary of the Underwriters’ Association, to be the most perfect in Ontario.  Two fire halls are in course of erection, full equipments for which have already been purchased.

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