Abattoir Company inducements to locate at Union Stockyards 1905

“Abattoir Company Set to Locate at Union Stockyards: Town Council Fixes Terms”

On March 15, 1905 the Town Council met to finalize the terms for a large abattoir company that is soon to be located at the Union stockyards. After careful consideration, the council agreed to supply water to the company for a yearly fee of $300. Additionally, the company’s property will have a fixed assessment for the next ten years, with the amount increasing every decade.

For the first 42 years, the property will have an assessment of $25,000. This amount will then increase to $50,000 for the next ten years, and finally, to $75,000 for the third ten years. Under a previous agreement with the Union Stock Yards Company, the property is exempt from general taxation, even at its current assessment.

This exciting development is a testament to the growth and expansion of the abattoir industry. The Town Council is proud to welcome this new company and is looking forward to the economic benefits it will bring to the community. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting project.

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