New benches in the Junction by the local BIA

all text the Junction BIA, photo credit BIA

New Bench Installation is Now Underway in the Junction!

As part of The Junction BIA’s 50th Anniversary, all existing benches within our boundaries will be removed, and new benches will be installed. The project is now underway and will continue until all 34 new benches are installed before April 21.

We are replacing all of the old and worn-out benches with new ones to provide a more comfortable and equitable seating option for all residents and visitors.

This project is being carried out in partnership with the City and is a capital cost-share initiative. The new benches will enhance the pedestrian experience by creating a more active and inviting environment where people can rest, socialize, read or enjoy the surroundings. Our aim is to create more meeting places and add consistent branding to the area.

The first new bench was installed on Monday at Mavety/Dundas.


A list by address where the local BIA is installing new benches,

2990 Dundas W
3006 Dundas W
3016 Dundas W
2993 Dundas W
2995 Dundas W
3013 Dundas W
3038 Dundas W
3062 Dundas W
3049 Dundas W
3037 Dundas W
340 High Park Ave
2945 Dundas W
2927 Dundas W
2926 Dundas W
2917 Dundas W
2909 Dundas W
230 Mavety
2910 Dundas W
2886 Dundas W
2868 Dundas W
2873 Dundas W
2859 Dundas W
2843 Dundas W
2796 Dundas W
2828 Dundas W
384 Keele St
2854 Dundas W
3075 Dundas St W
3052 Dundas St W
2934 Dundas St W
2829 Dundas St W
No Frills 372 Pacific Ave

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