Water servicing at 3200 Dundas St. W. after the completion of the new residential building.


A brand-new condo building is set to be built on  the north side of Dundas Street West, just west of St. Johns Place, an 8-storey residential  with retail on the ground floor and one level of underground parking. But what the water issues this modern addition to the Junction will have.

Water Servicing Challenges

One of the crucial aspects of any new construction is water servicing. In this case, the proposed development will tap into the existing 150 mm watermain on the north side of Dundas Street West. The new building’s water demand is substantial, clocking in at 6,027 liters per minute, including firefighting needs. This means the project will increase the demand during peak hours and days.

The good news is that, based on flow test results, the existing watermain should be up to the task. Note,  increasing water demand does put a bit of strain on the existing system.


When it rains, it pours, and when it pours, water can accumulate quickly. During heavy rainfall, the maximum short-term groundwater rates are estimated to reach a whopping 788,000 liters per day To prevent flooding and waterlogging, this excess water will be directed to the 300 mm or 600 mm combined sewer on Dundas Street West. This change will actually result in less water flowing through the sanitary infrastructure downstream.

Managing sanitary waste is a priority for any residential development. In this case, the proposed development will connect to the existing 600 mm combined sewer on Dundas Street West. The increase in sanitary flows from this new construction will be offset by a reduction in stormwater flows, ensuring a balance that doesn’t overwhelm existing infrastructure.

Additionally, water balance is essential. The development plans include retaining 5.6 cubic meters of water through the reuse of stormwater. This sustainable approach will not only help manage water effectively but also contribute to a greener environment.

Below a rendering of the new building.


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