209 Mavety Street proposed lease details, Health centre by Four Villages Community Health Centre

Four Villages Community Health Centre is in process of developing a health center at the old police station on Mavety Street,  They intend to lease the premises for nominal rent.  The building comprising approximately 25,793 square feet of community space. The purpose is to provide social and health services, along with ancillary parking. The lease provides the tenant with around 21,000 square feet of city-owned space at nominal rent, at 209 Mavety Street.

Four Villages being responsible for realty taxes and operating costs, estimated at $114,000 plus HST for the first year, or $5.40 per square foot. The opportunity cost for the initial five-year lease period is about $1,230,871, and for the fifteen-year extension period, it’s approximately $2,782,775, resulting in a total opportunity cost for the full 20-year lease period of $4,013,646. (latest numbers on the city web site 2021)

The property tax exemption for the leased premises. The annual property taxes on the premises are estimated at approximately $45,996, with a municipal portion of $26,187 and a provincial education portion of $19,809. Providing a property tax exemption will reduce the city’s annual property tax revenue by $26,187, but there will be no net impact on the provincial education portion of taxes.

The Four Villages Community Health Centre is a not-for profit organization that delivers a range of health services and health promotion programs to residents and families living in Toronto West such as the Roncesvalles, Swansea, Bloor West, and the Junction Area communities. Many services and programs offered by the organization focus on the needs of seniors, newcomers, families with children, and youth which aligns with a number of the City’s strategic priorities.

Toronto Community Health Services is  granted  permission to enter the property, including the building, to facilitate the required site visits with engineers and architects. West Toronto Community Health Services A term of 6 months commencing on August 1, 2022 and ending January 31, 2023 is allowed for this process.

A city background document for the lease and nominal rent is  the use of the building with serve the community, the city states the benefits as, 

The provision of space to the Tenant will help the organization expand access to primary health care and health promotion services to residents in the Junction Area and Toronto West. Many of the Tenant’s services address the needs of priority populations such as seniors, families with children (particularly newcomers), and youth. The Tenant applies an equity-lens to their programs, services, and organizational policies. This includes conducting outreach to priority populations such as seniors, newcomers, and families with children to adapt services to their needs, providing translation services, and engaging in partnerships to address clients’ social determinants of health such as housing, income, mental health, legal, and community support services.


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