Unpalatable food just death-knell-Dr. Jackson of 108 Vine St

Robert G. Dr. Jackson ran a health food business at 108 Vine Ave. The building still exists and is now the location of the Sweet Potato grocery store.


People Must Eat What Suits Their Taste, Says Robert G. Dr. Jackson


           Natural, Vitalized and Alkali-forming Substances Advised-Each Can Help Own Health

A person may take the perfect diet, containing the necessary natural, vitalized and alkali-forming foods, but if that diet makes him screw up his face and mutter:  “Ugh!  This is horrible!” very little good will result from his pains to oat for health, in the opinion of Dr. Robert G. Jackson, noted authority on health matters, who spoke last night in Tudor Hall, Jas. A. Oglivy’s department store, under the auspices of the Montreal Health Club.

                                                                                                                The reason for this, according to Dr. Jackson, is that unpalatable food practically sounds the death-knell as far as digestion is concerned.  Experiments had proven that, and when a man or woman takes food that is foreign to his or her particular taste, digestion is retarded and trouble ensures.                                                                                        Natural foods, vitalized foods and alkali-forming foods must be taken in order to create a perfect function of the food-canal, or “life-canal” as Dr. Jackson named it-that tubo (sic) nearly forty feet long that is twisted back and forth in the body.  But these foods need only be 60 per cent of the food intake.  The remaining 40 per cent may be any digestible food the eater may desire and therefore he may make his health diet entirely palatable and suitable to his taste.

Health and disease, Dr. Jackson explained, are ruled by laws.  Obedience of these laws, together with perfect functioning of the human defensive mechanism are necessary to good health.  The laws of nature, he declared, are unbreakable, unchanging and irrevocable.  When a man attempts to break these laws, he finds, instead that they break him.

                              CAN MAKE OWN HEALTH                                                                                                                                                              One of the great causes of disease, Dr. Jackson said, is the creation of acid in the blood stream.  Every bit of energy used by a man breaks down cells inside the body which turn into acid and enter the blood.  Alkali-forming foods are needed to counteract this chemical action.                                                                                                                  “Everyone,” he declared, “has all the health he deserves, with the exception of cases where accident has broken down the body, or where a person has so long followed the destruction living habits of civilization that organic destruction has set to such an extent that the rest of the organ is not worth saving.”                                                                          Dr. Jackson touched on the subject of food combinations, stating that proteins and starch should not be taken together.  He explained that while perfect functioning of the food chain is necessary for good health, vitality and energy, the other chains of the body mechanism must also function normally at the same time.                                                            “We attribute this to two cause.  First, the fact that people in ‘hard times’ are more particular about their health and have consequently been buying and eating more health-building food.  The second reason is that this firm has not for one moment relaxed its efforts to bring its products to the attention of the public through newspaper and other forms of publicity.”                                                                                              Dr. Robert G. Jackson, from his appearance on the platform last night, is splendid example of the thing he preaches.  At 75 years of age he is somewhat of a marvel in health and vigor.  Know throughout the country as a lecturer on health matters and good living, he is the head of Dr. Jackson Foods Limited.  Toronto, makers of the alkali-forming foods (made of grain though non-acid) Roman Meal, KofySub, Bekus Puddy and Lishus.                                                                                                  A large audience listened to his address and asked a number of questions at the conclusion.  He stated that the alkali foods included all fruits, all vegetables, the yolk of eggs, milk and almonds.                                                                                                                                                                                 HORNBY EXPLAINS

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