VENE RICA meats at Dundas St W. at Runnymede Rd

Vene Rica meats on Dundas St W. at Runnymede Rd has so much of the Junction character, Most residents and probably the company is unaware of the fact. A  retail store location with a load of delivery trucks outside to facilitate their deliveries.  Just as so many meat and delicatessen businesses in the Junction have done. But most of them have disappeared. Sure there is number of retail to the public butchers popping up that street and other areas in the Junction and High Park, yet they are not processing butchers as this company is. Processor cut meat to order for many different customers such as Wholesale meats for supermarkets, restaurants, hotels  and ship it to the customer. This meat business has been one of the defining characters of the Junction words entire history.

Don’t miss their amazing online ordering for consumers and business, here’s the beef link, and here is the chicken link.

The all products delivery page on the website can be found here

The much much larger company, Saint Helen, to meat packing on St Clair by Keele Street. Also started out as a small shop, and is now a successful, mega meat, business in the Junction, and Toronto

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