West Toronto Junction Historical Society,March 7th @ St. John’s West Toronto, in-person & via Zoom


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March 7th @ St. John’s West Toronto, in-person & via Zoom

“Perseverance and Glory: Unveiling 150 Years of the Argonaut Rowing Club’s Rich Legacy”

Join Anne Shelton and Dave Lovell, veteran rowers and authors, on a journey through time to tell the captivating 150-year history of the Argonaut Rowing Club—a story intricately woven into the fabric of Toronto itself.

The Argonaut Rowing Club’s remarkable journey, chronicled in a 150-page book, goes far beyond the confines of the rowing community.

In their presentation, Anne and Dave will pull back the curtain on the fascinating process of assembling, researching, writing, and publishing this compelling piece of history in just seven months.

A devoted member of the Argonaut Rowing Club since 1999, Anne Shelton brings a wealth of experience, having served as a former Board member and Director of Introductory Rowing programs. Explore her journey from Computer Systems Analysis to zen-rowing on the Humber River.

With over two decades at the Argonaut Rowing Club, Dave Lovell’s post-retirement pursuits include not only rowing but also writing biographies and speculative fiction. Delve into his insights gained from a career in technology companies and his passion for weaving compelling narratives.

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Perseverance and Glory: The History of the Argonaut Rowing Club

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