Sunrise Propane – Fire equipment list

The Sunrise Propane Fire recently required the call out of all of the fire rucks listed below.  111 vehicles

MURRAY RD, NY   Cross street SPALDING RD / PLEWES RD, F08097323  Area 145

Truck numbers in green are water carrying pump trucks

P413, CMD10, R112, P211, A131, P433, P325, A324, P145, HZ145, A142, C14, LA114, P135, P234, LA114, DE145, P333, P445, P113, P233, P342, R411, P145, P143, A222, P433, C14, HZ145, P145, HZ145, C11, A324, LA114, R112, R411, P415, P142, P114, P113, P232, R321, A222, C10, C14, LA114, HZ145, P145, DE145, P341CR, P345CR, P345CR, HZ332, P143, A133, A142, P226, P233, HZ145, C14, P313, A411, P142, P315, P135CA, P131, P423CR, P145, DE145, HZ145, P145, HZ332, R235, A133, C21, P242, P215, T333, LA114, A213, P212, P244, P132, LA114, R112, C14, P211, P324, P433, P123, P233, P345CR, A324, C14, P142, HZ332, HZ145, P145, P135CA, P135CA, LA114, P135, P146

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