New York Pork 2306 St. Clair Avenue West

In November 2006, there was a fire at New York Pork and Food Exchange Limited, located at 2306 St. Clair Avenue West. Residents are left with a vacant building that is in disrepair: A portion of the roof has collapsed and rubble is piled on the property. While this building currently an eyesore for the community many people are glad to see the pork processing company not operating. After all the issues with the fire and the fact that New York Pork in is no longer in business the site may be lost to industrial uses for good. Hopefully this will not happen and the land can be re-purposed for light industrial uses fulfilling  the need for the community to retain job making industrial premises. Can the city create and design bylaws and zoning requirements that can save the junctions industrial strength and satisfy  the new residents in the houses to the east? Now is the time to contact the your local councilor’s to voice support for retaining job making industrial land. Bill Saundercook Frances Nunziata

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