Village by the Park – The James Club – so much in common

Village by the Park CanTire Demo complete to ground level

So it’s ready  — to start another condo build in south west Toronto, as Village by the Park – Options for Homes site gets cleared of the debris of the old building on the site. The old CanTire store at Dundas St. and Keele St was completely leveled to the ground yesterday. At the same time The James Club condominium at 1135 Royal York Road, is progressing with what looks like part of building foundations beginning to rise out of the ground.

While these two projects are entirely different in the type of housing they are building, there still is a common issue of bringing people to live on land which has sat for the past decade in each of their areas. In addition the sites which are unusual local for residential us use. In the case of  The James Club condominiums, you could locations for the placement of the building as in an off ramp. The Village by the Park butts the CPR Tracks. Yet these condos will build neighborhood just because of their placement by putting people feet in disused areas of the community.

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