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There are a number of concerned community groups in West Toronto. All of them have a number of challenges (funds, volunteers, you can fill in the rest) and demands on their efforts. Their success can probably be best measured by how many people they are able to get involved in their efforts and the more people from the community that are able to get the community what it wants and needs. the better.

All of these groups have to communicate the need – the process- the current happenings and the results to all of their community. The Friends of Dundas and Bloor have set strong, well-thought-out priorities and have communicated them in a site that is completely complete.

A bit from their site..

To ensure that Toronto does not sqaunder this exceptional opportunity to ehance the life of the city and its neighbourhoods, the Friends of Dundas and Bloor Steering Committee insists on:

A new pedestrian entranceway to Dundas West Station on the east side of Dundas….A new entranceway to Dundas West Station on the 1540 site at the pedestrian corner of Dundas and Bloor…A set of vigorous and multi-faceted studies, under full leadership and direction of the City’s Planning Department and City Council, including:…An Avenue Study on Dundas Street from Howard Park / Roncesvalles intersection through Annette Dupont…Investment by the City, possibly in partnership with the developer, in redesigning Dundas West Station

more at the site…

Friends of Dundas and Bloor found via West Bend Community Association

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