Ltd condos – new phase at Malibu (better value?)


Malibu Investments who are building the mega Malibu Harbourfront condo project (developers are great at gluing themselves to long and hard built cultural elements in this case adding the name Harbourfront to their development) have started a new phase of the project called LTD. Which looks to be a much better value for buyers than the big Malibu project. The LTD.’s building is right in the shadow the big one with units from 190’s to the 400’s?. Same neighborhood from the CNE/Fort York to Harbourfront, everything is all around food, Skydome, concert venues, and just about everything else and don’t forget the water. All just at a better price. The biggest two bedroom is just 1000 square feet, which can be comparable to some Victorian houses in the west end if this question is part of your condo question (to house or to condo?).

Does this building have the to balance to create some character? Many of the condo projects going up in WTO don’t – including the towering Malibu.

LTD “greeny” site

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