How to live in a WTO house flip – REPAIRS

The above image highlights what can happen when a person flips a house and the new buyer – who really wants to live in  WTO for a long time, has to repair the flippers work.
It used to be that a lawyer working for a prospective buyer would obtain a certificate of clearance, from the city – proof the house has no outstanding work orders, permits etc.
Well with the advent of  title insurance, that doesn’t happen all time, in fact you probably need to ask your lawyer to do it or they won’t.
The image above details one Junction  nightmare as his shower in the seond floor washroom started to leak in a newly purchased flip, on inspection it became known that the flipper had built one shower stall which failed and then without removing the one he had built, that had failed, installed another right over it. So now the new owner has to remove all that work and put a new one in.

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