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The Kitchen Nano Garden is real and has wonderful benefits. Because it uses hydroponics to grow your garden, there is no need for dirt, harmful fertilizers or pesticides. The unit is a natural air purifier — a fragrant bonus and always a welcome addition to a kitchen or small space.

Its stacked, vertical design allows more growing space per square foot of floor space. The glass-walled refrigeratorlike appliance has movable shelves and hooks up to your plumbing. Recycling the used water and leftovers from your sink provide water and nutrients to the hydroponics. The LED lighting promotes plant growth.

“Light, water and nutrient supply is controllable, so users can decide the growth speed. It also lets users know when to provide water or nutrients to the plants,” states the company.

A touch panel makes it convenient for today’s busy lifestyles.

Hydroponic growing has been around for a long time. However, much of it comes with laborious setup and awkward equipment strewn about. When I saw this modern and convenient way to keep all the muss and fuss in one place, in the kitchen, I was excited about the possibilities. Although there is no news as to when the Kitchen Nano Garden will be made available to homeowners, I for one will be watching for opportunities to incorporate this technology into future kitchen designs.



No its about urban farming, positing the need for local sustainability, there are a large number of people in the Junction concerned about the need for such things as local consumption and growth.

this just an innovative product that could serve that interest

Still waiting for their response, regarding shipping from Korea. its about the repacking for International shipping that is the issue. chk back in 2 or 3 days.

Hi, have got different answers from a distributor of how obtain one, today I sent a email in Korean to the manufacturer.

Hi finally the blog has received a response from the company about this product, At the present time they can not indicate at all or if ever the product will be available to the public.

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