New Keele St Bike racks… ouch

Recently new bike racks have been installed on the east side of Keele St. outside the condo development Heintzman Place (formally Village by the Park), seemingly designed as short term use spots as defined by the cities guidelines, yet surely wanted to become long term uses spaces for nearby residents.

This author can only guess – with a strong possibility of correctness — that Heintzman Place is very short of bike spaces for its residents, many condo projects are.

Always wanting greater bike and stroller mob parking in the Junction, these spots are welcome in principal. But at what cost to the poor bikes and the people parking the bikes?

This area of sidewalk is well know for treacherous speeding cars that regularly grind against the curb. Splash floods of dirty oil and grit soaked water in the spring and summer while in the winter snow and ice pile onto the sidewalk packing to strength of a wall.

As usual in new condo spots the new management board adds addition spots on site and that will probably happen at Heintzman Place.

If you decide to use these spots be very careful, and do not step off the curb to set off north, because at this very spot a biker was killed a few years back. Of course riding under the CPA subway is just out, the road at the curb humps and rises and cars wiggle into the wall.

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