Weston-Mount Dennis Industry Toronto Star article


Last chance for Weston, Toronto’s rustbelt – Toronto Star article

from the article…

Forty years of economic boom and bust have shattered the industrial foundation of Weston-Mount Dennis.

For decades, these neighbouring communities northwest of downtown Toronto flourished, with their Victorian and post-war homes, small shops and a major rail line that fed one of the most industrious parts of the city.. continied at Toronto Star

Image – Inside the building they want to save, the KODAK EMPLOYEE building.

….from the Ryerson Kodak Canada Collection, In 1912, Canadian Kodak purchased 25 acres of farmland near Weston Road and Eglinton Avenue to build a major manufacturing facility known as “Kodak Heights.” By 1925, there were over 900 employees working in seven buildings at Kodak Heights. Over the years, the company earned a reputation for having a cooperative and supportive relationship with its employees, adopting many of the successful practices in place at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, New York. In 1940, an Employee’s Building was constructed at Kodak Heights to accommodate the activities of the flourishing Recreation Club, the Department Managers’ Club, and of course, the Kodak Heights Camera Club. photography-drive-005

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