The St John's wedge is being improved to be of greater use for the community.

The wedge shape parkette at St Johns Rd, and Dundas St. (which really is a parcel of land under the authority of the transport department.) is being rebuilt with plans created by a community advisory committee put together by councillor Bill Saundercook.

I number of meetings were held in the councillor’s office with the community group, the co-chair of the Junction Residents Association, and city staff. I lot of ideas were discussed and vetted, with the primarily objective of turning the space into a more usable area for the community. The blog with be posting images of the plans today or tomorrow when we get permission from the person who produced them.

The project is slated to be finished before the Junction Arts festival


A business like a cafe or restaurant could have a nice patio there with that wide sidewalk and the additional public space.

Do you know anything about what the design changes to the space?

I haven't seen the final design but below are the changes we reviewed at the last community meeting.

All the existing major fixtures, lights, trees and benches will remain the same. This helps keep the cost down

The cobblestones under the trees will be replaced with new material which should help the trees grow. The cobblestone in other areas will be reset in an herringbone pattern.

The biggest change will be the addition of a small (about 15' dia) gazebo. The city was also planning to add large cut stones under the trees for seating and we asked for additional seating around a table, chess broad type.

Some addition planting areas was also reviewed but I don' t see any details.

I agree with AR, a patio or two would be great.

For some reason I enjoyed those cobblestones… reminded me of some of the well-worn streets in the UK and Europe.

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