Dundas Street West and High Park Avenue– Traffic Control Signals

Etobicoke York Community Council has recommended that City Council approve the installation of traffic control signals (traffic lights) at the intersection of Dundas Street West and High Park Avenue.

This seems to be how the process works – Community Council approves the effort and requests the City Council to stamp it. The background file lists a price of $130,000.00 to intsall the lights.

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) have not objected.

Background Information

October 24, 2008 report


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posted by Robert


Hopefully this doesn't get quashed based on the economic situation. This traffic light will be really convenient for pedestrians and it will improve business on both sides of the street.

This is sorely needed. It is questionable why there is not some sort of pedestrian designed civil device to manage the flow of people as well as traffic. High Park Avenue at this junction is wide and beautiful. If Pacific has a light, so should High Park Ave.

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