Fly condos – Front St West and Blue Jays way

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Fly condos development  on the north side of Front Street West, mid-block between Spadina Avenue to the west and Blue Jays Way to the east, also right in the entertainment the city of Toronto with possible competitive pricing and a distinctive if not daring building.

Developed by Empire Communities’ at 352 Front Street West. 24-storey’s and using a emboldened glass and metal panels exterior fit and finish that owes much of its ornamentation history to Frank Gehry building of 15 years ago. Not to say this is bad, in fact the developer seems to have provided some of Gehry’s character without the cost to the prospective buyers

Located at Blue Jays Way and Spadina in downtown Toronto – the entertainment area in the city of Toronto. With balconies on its western façade. Designed by Graziani + Corazza Architects has a community scale in sync with this neighborhood.

Current developments from city staff  Rezoning Application – Preliminary Report 352 Front St W dated Oct 21nd 2008,

Already there have been four pre-application consultation meetings and one community open
house meeting. Issues raised at these meetings include:
1)- proposed building height and massing and the resulting shadows cast on Clarence
Square Park;

2)- the opportunity to establish a linear connection that will serve as a future link
from Clarence Square to Front Street West; and,

3)- separation distance to the existing building to the east located at 340 Front Street

Development details from city report

The proposed redevelopment of the site consist of a 24 storey building (building height of
81.5m, including mechanical penthouse) with 396 residential dwelling units (240 one
bedroom unit; 127 two bedroom units; and 29 three bedroom units). The proposal is for
32,892 square metres (354,058 square feet) of gross floor area, including 415 square
metres (4,460 square feet) of retail commercial uses to be located at grade along Front
Street West. A total of 290 parking spaces are proposed to serve the expected parking
demand associated with this development, including visitor parking spaces.
The proposed building is setback 15m from the west and 6m from the north property
lines to facilitate a mid-block connection to Clarence Square from Front Street West.

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