Czechoslovak Baptist Church for sale, what will happen?



from the sales sheet – Development Opportunities

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The site offers an opportunity to convert the existing building to residential lofts or create traditional townhouses. Current zoning is R2 Z0.6 which permits places of worship, as well as a variety of residential building types including detached, semidetached, row housing, and apartments to a maximum of 0.6 times the lot area. The City of Toronto Official Plan designates the Property as ‘Neighbourhood’. The existing building is ‘Listed’ on the City of Toronto’s Inventory of Heritage Properties.

Czechoslovak Baptist Church  link to chrch web site in Czech


Tradition townhouses would require demolition, right? That's sad. To demolish a historical church which gives Annette such an "old Toronto" feeling would be regrettable. Traditional townhouses in this city tend to look anything but traditional. None of the craftsmenship, building techniques, or materials tend to match our heritage buildings closely. "Traditional" is a sham.

Which is why the church should have heritage status.

In my haste I overlooked the existing heritage status. "Traditional townhouse" reminds me of new rowhouses with separate entrances built around the city made to look historical. But a true traditional townhouse could basically be similar to a loft conversion. It would be a building with residential units with a single entrance. The interior finishes and layouts would differ from the loft configuration.

What a townhouse is really varies these days.

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