New Community Arts Festival -Kiteworks-

from the Roncesvalles-Macdonell Residents’ Association site [link opens in new window]

A New Community Arts Festival is being organized to debut in April 2009 Kiteworks

KiteWorks is an ad hoc, not-for-profit collective that believes art can work to build stronger communities and bring about meaningful social change! 
With your help, KiteWorks aims to coordinate an interdisciplinary community arts festival in Parkdale called KiteSite: Ronces-dale / Park-valles. The festival is scheduled for the first weekend of April 2009.

We believe that the ideas driving the festival must come from community members like all of you! 
We want to know what community issues you are passionate about. 
KiteSite is about listening and sharing stories, creating art and celebrating community. Over the winter months, KiteWorks will encourage community members to enter into collective learning environments where they will explore local history through arts-based activities. As such, KiteWorks is dedicated to art education. 
By looking critically at local history and community development, KiteWorks hopes to spark dialogue about local issues that resonate among Parkdale’s residents.This dialogue will then inform the creation of art works that speak to these issues. KiteWorks believes that our responsibility to local community and our immediate environment is directly linked to our sense of allegiance to place. 
By celebrating stories of local history and social justice, KiteWorks hopes to transform space into place, thus strengthening community in Ronces-dale /Park-valles.

Be Involved!
Be Inspired!

We are looking to grow! 
Be a member of KiteWorks! 
For more information, please contact us at:

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