Christmas Parties in the Junction

Annual Party at Linda’s and Ken’ s house at Mc Murray Ave.

Every year around Christmas time we receive an invitation to join our neighbors at their annual Christmas Party at their house. We always look forward to this neighborhood event because Linda and Ken, and of course their kids, are very cordial and caring people.
Again this year the party was amazing with wonderful festive atmosphere, so friendly and cozy that we didn’t want to go home. The Family and neighbors prepared great delicious meals. We shared not only receipts, but also stories about Christmas, old customs and jokes. We didn’t need any official entertainers, everybody was contributing to this joyous night. But there is always an end.
With the snow falling and Christmas lights everywhere, with love and peace in our hearts, we said good night and slowly went to our homes.
We would like to thank to Linda and Ken for hosting this celebration that brought all of us together little bit more and left us with memories we will cherish.

Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!

Adriana Soudek

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