Jane Jacobs video and the Junction

Jane Jacobs video at the CBC Site
Jane Jacobs video at the CBC Site

The CBC archive site has a 1969 video clip of about 11minuites that has some sections that are very pertinent to the Junction area right now. She speaks  towards issues that people want in their community and how the past and current built environment has and will affect current issues. All of her comments are equally as important as possible.

from their site…

With her astute observations about the way we live, Jane Jacobs dynamically changed the urban landscape. The author, activist, theorist and self-taught philosopher challenged the establishment with her ideas about cities and the economy. In this CBC Television clip from 1969, Jacobs, a new immigrant to Canada, discusses Toronto’s quirks and Montreal’s creativity.

Remembering Jane Jacobs.

The CBC Digital Archives Website.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Additional information can be found in the article by Robert Fulford [Link opens in new window]

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